Zoning Systems

  • Create up to 8 Separate Comfort Zones: Zoning systems create separate comfort zones that are controlled by their own thermostat. Airflow is sent to each zone only when it is needed – dependent on climate conditions and activities that take place in a zone during the day.
  • Extra Energy Efficiency: Because a zoning system only sends conditioned air to the area that needs it, you can save on energy costs.
  • Easy to Customize: More than one thermostat is used to control your zoning system. In fact, each zone gets its own separate thermostat, making it easy to program the specifications for a zone.

For complete comfort in every room and on every floor of your home, install a zoning system. Have a pesky room that is always colder than the rest of your home? Then put it in a separate zone to increase efficiency and comfort.

  • Total Heating and Air Comfort: Creating separate comfort zones gives you complete control
    of airflow. Only when airflow is needed in a certain zone
    (depending on climate conditions and activities during the day) is air sent to that zone.
  • Zoning Encourages Efficient Operation: A traditional, non-zoned system will send air to every part of your home for most of the day. With a zoning system, you can save on energy costs because conditioned air is only sent to a specific zone when that zone is in need of air.
  • Ease of Operation: It is easy to set home comfort levels with a zoning system. Each zone is controlled by its own separate thermostat.

Every floor and every room in your home can reach premium home comfort levels with this Maytag® Zoning System. If you have a room that gets hotter or colder than the rest of the house, you can put it in its own separate zone. This way, when it needs heated or conditioned air, and the rest of the house doesn’t, air will only be sent to that particular area. This can lead to increased efficiency and greater home comfort.